William Tavernor

“I’ve travelled a lot… Not so much wanderlust, just a stubborn resolve to go where I please. Engrained from growing up a ‘Mudman’ in Garston Liverpool. A world full of ‘Hardmen’ and women with ‘An Edge’ (and Hearts of Gold).  I learned to survive!

Is it An Anthem?    Maybe one day………”

Pride Of England celebrates the Proud Past and The Diverse Mix of Today’s English. All Those who Make and Believe in the England Of Today .

An Anthem which encapsulates the spirit that drives the sporting greats on. None more than the endurance and sacrifice of the Great Pheidippides who gave his life in running  26 miles to announce victory from Marathon the place which the race was named after.        

Pride of England.mp3 An Olympian for Eternity.mp3 How can Anything (From Liverpool).mp3


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